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Reviews for The Lost World 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings.

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4.5 John Halstead, 26/11/14

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

Walking behind the river waterfall. The wall of water is so impressive.

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5 , 16/10/13


Roddy Walsh

Tour Name

The Lost World

Tour Code


What Was The Highlight Or Most Memorable Moment Of Your Tour

Very hard to pick a highlight on this tour as it was consistently superb. The Roraima trek was tough but a fantastic experience - the Lost World being a totally unique and must see location. The trip around Auyentepui was just as good, with Angel Falls, Kavak Gorge and Sapo Falls all different but equally exhilarating experiences.

Tour Leader Name


How Was Your Explore Tour Leader

Manuel was a fantastic tour leader, one of the best I've encountered. The trip was well organised and his knowledge of the weather and timing allowed us to make the most of a region that the climate can make hit and miss. Great cook/executive chef, made superb food in very basic conditions. What stood out though was his passion for Venezuela, the Gran Sabana and in particular the indigenous communities which assisted us on the trek and boat ride.

What Tips Would You Give To Someone Else Booking This Tour

Pack light! One main piece of luggage and a mid-sized backpack (~45 litres if trekking with your own gear) or small backpack (if using a porter). Lightweight and quick drying trekking/sports clothes are recommended. I used a one-season sleeping bag and liner which was fine for Roraima, no more than a two-season needed. Socks were fine for river crossings but trekking sandals were very handy for boat trip/bathing etc.

Do You Have Anything Else To Add

A trip to such a spectacular and exciting destination where you'll encounter only a handful of other tourists is extremely rare and the holy grail of adventure travel. Venezuela is not an easy country to travel in which makes a tour like this ideal for exploring the country. It's a tough and strenuous trek and tour but worth every muscle ache and mosquito bite. As good and exciting as adventure travel gets.

5 Barrie Ingman, 31/12/12

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

The Kavak Gorge was, unexpectedly, a highlight for me. What was a minor diversion on one day turned out to be a descent into and a swim through the narrowest highest gorge I have ever seen and was quite simply pure Indiana Jones. At the end of the gorge there was a natural circular swimming pool surrounded by rock walls seemingly hundreds of feet above our heads with a circular opening through which a gigantic waterfall thundered into the pool below. Around the lip of the opening curtains of light 'rain' dripped from the beautiful flowers and flora at the opening. The sun played off this curtain of rain and the waterfall bouncing off the walls of our pool in ever changing patterns 


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5 Kevin Lane, 31/12/12

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

There were many memorable moments including the spectacular storm we survived on the trek at base camp before the otherwordly beauty on Mount Roraima. Later there was the swim we enjoyed in the pool at the foot of Angel Falls. 


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5 Robert Tilson, 31/12/12

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

The contrast of trakking in the first week with amazing views then relaxing on the river in the jungle on the second week 


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0 Beck, 27/10/11

What a fantastic adventure this holiday is! Every day held new challenges and amazing scenery to enjoy. Highlights for me was the trek up Roraima - with stunning views from the top and incredible weather we were definitely lucky. Also I loved the chance to swim in the Angel Falls - a once in a lifetime experience.

Our tour guide, Manuel, couldn't have been more helpful, hard working and fun. He certainly made the trip - along with a great group. It was an excellent holiday and one I'd recommend to anyone with a sense of adventure. Go for it! (VZ -30th July 2011)

0 Andrew Gillan, 27/10/11

Highlights:  The tour leader - True expert on the area, took care of every single person on the trip and was willing to go the extra mile to make sure the experience was memorable a real asset to Explore. 

Kavak Gorge - The flight over the mountains to transfer from Santa Elena to the canoe trip  Integrating with the local communities when you climb Roraima and on the trip to Angel Falls    Changes for the trip and trip notes:  Possibly look to replace one of the first two days 8 hour overland travel with a flight to allow for more time on the beach for the last two days, the half day you get on the beach isn’t really worth the travel as you arrive at 4pm when the sun is starting to go down and after spending all day getting 2 internal flights and another 1 hour 30 min transfer to the beach resort which wasn't quite the Caribbean experience everyone had hoped for.  The Explore brochure needs to expand on the Kavak gorge and flights over the mountains as these are some real highlights of the trip and are certainly some of the unique selling points of the VZ tour. (VZ -30th July 2011)

0 Matthew Pratt (Explore Staff), 22/08/11
If you are after a proper adventure packed full of highlights then this trip is for you! The trek is challenging but very enjoyable as you get distracted by stunning views of the Gran Sabanna and the top is literally ‘The Lost World’. The river journey is also a great adventure leading up to the magnificent Angel Falls, where you take a bath at its base! Kavak Gorge excursion is very special.…an opportunity not to be missed! Our Tour Leader and his local staff were also absolutely amazing and the food they produced was brilliant. You won’t be disappointed I guarantee that! (VZ - 30th July 2011)
0 GP, 11/02/11
A tough trek which deserves its 'Strenuous' rating, but very rewarding when you reach the Lost World on top of Roraima - a truly unique landscape. The canoe trip was more mundane, but had its moments of excitement when negotiating the rapids. Even at the beginning of the dry season, the Angel Falls are an impressive sight. Manuel, the tour leader, was full of boundless enthusiasm and never failed to surprise us with the quality and quantity of food produced - the best I've had on any trek, anywhere. Advice: travel light - it's a tough climb and you're well away from civilisation, so leave the party gear at home. Be prepared for the wet: rain, river crossings, waterfalls, canoes. (VZ - 18th December 2010)
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