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Reviews for Eastern Turkey 4.5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings.

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5 Elaine Logan, 04/06/15

Please review your overall experience and what your highlights were

Highlights include Armenian Ani; Cavustepe where we were shown round by one of the few cuneiform linguists in the world (and the wild flowers were wonderful). The landscapes were beautiful, much of it very high and desolate surrounded by snow covered mountains. Lake Van and the church on the island in the lake were lovely, but the absolute highlight was the location of the final hotel on the side of a mountain with Nemrut Dagi above and stunning views in every direction.

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5 Jennie Hui, 04/06/15

Please review your overall experience and what your highlights were

A fun crowd, stunning sites, great tour leader who speaks excellent Engish, very competent and looked after us very well. Great country, stunning sites, fantastic food, it was one of greatest trip I had so far.

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3.5 Inge Deeks, 20/05/15

Please review your overall experience and what your highlights were

Highlights: Mount Nemrut, Ani and Lake Van.

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3.5 Peter Lague, 02/09/14

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

Sunset climb up Mount Nemrut and surrounding area. The boat tour on lake Van was also memorable. Visiting the sites was most memorable to the history buffs. Revisiting Istanbul was great.

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4.5 Kyle McCandlish, 03/07/14

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

Lake Van and Ani were the most memorable points of the tour for me. For Lake Van the weather was really great and the Church of the Holy Cross on Akdamer Island was very beautiful. The city of Ani was awe-inspiring with the sheer size of the place. It would be interesting to think what this once majestic city was like back in its grandeur.

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5 Laurence Fairman, 10/10/12

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

" Visiting the Isaak Pasha complex at Dogubayazit and sunset at Nemrut Daghi.
 Mardin at sunset.Mt. Ararat on a clear day. The city of Ani."

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5 Mike Bright, 10/10/12

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

Ani was good for me, whilst Gobekli Tepe was also amazing, not for its looks (it's a pile of carved out stones, still being unearthed), but for its absolute significance in world history.  You’ll totally understand why when you get there.

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0 MJ, 15/08/11
This was our second trip to Turkey.  Our first trip was in western Turkey and it was so wonderful that we really wanted to return.  We were interested in visiting Eastern Turkey on this trip.  We had an idea about what to expect, but this trip far exceeded our expectations.  There was simply more to see than we had realized.  As in western Turkey, a large area is covered and consequently there are some long drives.  However, with the exception of one day which did include a very long drive, the drives were broken up enough with things to see and visit so it really was not difficult to stay "entertained".  We really enjoyed meeting the other people on our holiday.  Highlights of the trip include Sumela Monastery, Nemrut Dagi, Gobekli Tepe, and Urfa.  There were many more as well but these stood out a bit for us.  Frankly, we had not heard of Gobekli Tepe prior to the trip, and as it turns out, it was featured in a National Geographic article for July, 2011 - which had just come out at the time we were visiting.  All in all, one of the best trips we have taken.  The tour guide was well versed in the history of the country and shared many insights with us.( TE - 1st May 2011)
0 J.D., 14/06/11
This was an absolutely fascinating trip, visiting ancient historical sites built by civilisations of which I had never heard, from the Black Sea through to the Mesopotamian Plains. I should probably have done more preparation! Although the highlight of the trip was probably supposed to be visiting Nemrut Dagi, for me it was visiting the vast deserted city of Ani, the Isak Pasha Palace and a beautiful church on an island in Lake Van. A vast distance was covered, necessitating long hours on the coach but we always had time to do justice to the sites when we reached them. The biggest disappointment was not being able to visit Gobekli Tepe because the site had been closed, although as we didn't discover this until we had driven all the way up there, at least we saw the environment in which it was placed. We also had the opportunity to visit a remote village school which was really eye-opening. (TE - 19th September 2010)
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