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Discover Belize BL

Tour Duration 14 Days
Reviews for Discover Belize 4.5 out of 5 based on 12 ratings.

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3.5 Shaun Mundy, 16/03/15

Please Review Your Overall Experience And What Your Highlights Were

This trip will particularly appeal to bird watchers - we saw more than 100 species. We also saw a lot of fish when we were snorkelling. The Mayan sites were interesting (and there are great views from the tops of pyramids), though not as impressive as some we have seen in the Yucatan.



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Our Response

We’re sorry to hear that you had a few issues with your transfer and flight arrangements - We have double checked with the hotel and they have confirmed that they do have a shuttle that runs from the hotel to the airport every hour, on the hour, 5:00am – 11:00pm daily. So we are genuinely unsure why you were told that this is only on request.


Also we are no longer running group flights, as we found from previous feedback that our customers preferred to have the flexibility of choosing flights that were more suitable for them. The same can also be said for free time during the trip – we don’t include all activities, so that our customers have flexibility to do what they want to do.

5 M.A. Grimble, 01/02/15

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

Within an hour of arriving I was hand feeding a howler monkey. On the last day I swam safely with rays, sharks, turtles, tropical fish on the offshore reef, and did a board walk through a crocodile infested mangrove swamp. In between the holiday was jam packed with beautiful scenery, birds, animals, jungle hidden ancient ruins, excellent food, and accommodation.The people of Belize are gentle, and do not pester tourists. I highly reccommend this tour for its excellent value for money.

Best of all of the 17 Explore trips I have done.

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4.5 Lisa toole, 27/01/15

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

I enjoyed the whole trip, moving between jungle and the sea and seeing nature at its best. I also greatly enjoyed The jungle walks, listening to the howler monkeys and vast array of birds; Tikkal and the Mayan sites were superb; paddling down the river in a canoe was a particular favourite as the scenery was stunning and I saw an otter, a rare treat!, the limestone caves and snorkelling in Caye Caulker were fab. Picking up litter on laughing bird island at the end of the day brought home the nightmare reality of us all using so much plastic.

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5 Marilyn Staib, 25/01/15

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

Black howler monkey project, Lamanai, cave canoeing at Barton Creek, green iguana project San Ignacio, view from Cahal Pech resort, mellowness & birds soaring on wind Caye Caulker, snorkelling shark ray alley

Excellent in all respects

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5 Dave Thompson, 10/01/15

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

There were numerous highlights for us. Tikal was incredible! Staying on site in a fabulous hotel with monkeys and toucans in the trees at our door step. The reefs were incredible! Lots of fish (sharks and rays), coral, turtles, lion fish... Birds at Crooked Tree were worth getting up early for. Getting to the Mayan sites before the hoards from the cruise ships was a definite bonus. The local guides at each site we visited added to the experience.

Beyond my expectations

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5 Lesley Smith, 18/12/14

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

The whole trip was amazing. As Chris was a local in Belize, he knew the country and its people so well, and he passed on this knowledge on to us, as well as knowing an immense amount about bird and animal life. The morning boat trip at crooked tree was incredible, as was the canoeing into caves, snorkelling at Caye Caulker, Mayan site visits and the botanical garden and zoo visit. The whole trip was packed with wonderful experiences. Elizas our driver was also great, and becoming a great bird watcher and spotter.

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5 , 09/01/14


Clive Marks

Tour Name

Discover Belize

Tour Code


What Was The Highlight Or Most Memorable Moment Of Your Tour

Chris Siviter is the most brilliant tour leader, and Sylveno(sp?) was a brilliant driver and assistant tour leader until his accident put him out of action. Chris has a passionate knowledge of the region's long heritage, living culture and vast biodiversity and lives by his principles. Visiting his home was a real insight into the man and a bonus to the trip. Chris should be high on the list of nominees as Explore's "Tour Leader of the Year".

Tour Leader Name

Chris Siviter

How Was Your Explore Tour Leader

Chris is adored by all the people that we met, even the taxi driver in Belize City knew Chris! He has such a warm rapport with all he encounters and several of our group had tears in their eyes when we said our goodbyes to Chris. Any tour which is lead by Chris will be a pleasure to experience.

0 Alexis Datta, 02/04/12
This was a really great trip.Chris our tour leader and Silvino the driver,who acted more like Chris' assistant than just a driver.From beginning to end the trip was well thought out and delightful.Being a bird watcher there were lots(170 species) of highlights.  Silviono's wife made a picnic for us on a couple of occasions which was great and meant we could send time watching wildlife and enjoying the incredible Mayan sites instead of trying to find lunch.Chris also showed us his home on the Hummingbird Highway and arranged for us to have lunch in the local bar.another good bit was having breakfast at Miss Emma's garden,probably the best breakfast in the world.  The Mayan sites and jungle walks made this a really memorable place to me, not to mention swimming with Rays and Sharks.  But mostly it was the birds,early morning at Crooked Tree and at Altan Ha and the magical Tikal, Toucans and a Mannikin in the Botanic Gardens and Silvino found us a Jarabu Stork even though it was "too early in the year."  My advice to others would be the mosquitos are rampant so take long trousers and plenty of repellant, but definitely go on this trip.
0 Jayne Cross, 02/04/12
I now travel on my own and this trip was to be my first long trip, ie 16 days so imagine how wonderful it was to be part of a group dynamic that was fab. All the excursions, whether it was Mayan sites, jungle walks, snorkelling, zip wiring in Guatemela, it was fantastic. Belize is a beautiful, often overlooked country, the people, food, climate, all excellent.  Our guides/tour leaders, what can I say except, Chris and Silvinio, thankyou for your knowledge of wildlife and your passion for, what has so far been my favourite trip. Advice, bot fly larvae, do exist, so cover up and use insect repellant, thankfully, with Chris' knowledge, I knew what I had to do, once I returned home. Finally, please buy trees!
0 Jennifer Desideri, 11/01/12
I chose this trip because of the different experiences offered: nature, wildlife, walking, ruins, beachtime & snorkeling, etc. Though I'm not much of a birdwatcher, the variety of activities made this trip much more than just a nature/birdwatching holiday. Our tour leader, Chris, was a fantastic guide and leader, well knowledged of the country and extremely passionate about Belize! Silvino, our driver, was much more than just a driver; in fact we often thought of him as our second guide, participating in many of the activities with us. The itinerary was extremely well organized and interesting, with just the right combination of activities at the right times, concluding with three days of quiet, casual beach time in Caye Caulker. Advice I'd give to others: Don't bother booking an extra day for yourself in Belize City - there is nothing much to see and it's known to be dangerous (especially after dark). Booking an extra day in Caye Caulker at the end is to your benefit, however. If you choose to participate in the snorkeling and manatee excursions with the tour, you might want one extra day to just lie on the beach and read a book. :-)
0 Lisa Skilton, 20/09/10
Well it was a little bit of a drama when we arrived at the first hotel a day before the tour actually started as we lost our passports but Chris (tour leader) had just arrived and calmed us down and we managed to get them back (they had been left at the airport!) after a trip back to find the taxi driver and searching through luggage before finding they had been locked away by passport control. Two of our group hadn't made it due to bad snow in NYC! But Explore were able to fetch them when they finally arrived on 22nd December! There are many highlights and if you are a twitterer (bird lover!) then this is also the tour for you. Both the driver and Chris the tour leader are brilliant at spotting lots of various amazing birds including the toucan, hummingbirds, sea birds,etc. The Mayan sites are brilliant everywhere including in Guatemala and the famous Tikal! If you ever do this tour and get Chris and Silvino you will have an amazing time especially the yummy (secret recipe) banana bread! Caye Caulker - the highlight of my tour especially the snorkeling! We saw loggerhead turtles, green turtles, sting rays, eagle rays and a school of nursery sharks. So if you fancy walking in the jungle, exploring Mayan cities and snorkeling then this is the tour to go on as would do this one again! Amazing! (BL- 18th December 2009)
0 Helen Bray, 17/09/10
We picked this trip because of the variety of experiences on offer, and it certainly didn't disappoint. The leader, Chris Siviter, was passionate about the country and its people, and the relationships he had built up gave an important added extra. For example, while chatting to the staff at our Belize City hotel he discovered that the Supreme Judges were being sworn in that day, and consequently we went to the church service (you could just walk in....) and procession through the town city. Fascinating! Our group was mostly made up of birdwatchers, and those that weren't at the start of the holiday certainly were by the end of it. This was was partly because the stunning examples on display, but also because of the enthusiasm and expertise of Chris, Silvino the driver and even the local guides. I think the area has ornithology in their blood!  I think the highlight was snorkeling off Caye Caulker with dozens of stingrays immediately beneath us, but the mayan ruins were also fascinating and I can vouch for the rum cocktails too! (BL- 16th January 2010)
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