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M/V Greg Mortimer

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Discover the Polar Regions with Explore and the Greg Mortimer

Step onto the Antarctic continent. Discover remote historical Islands in the Scotia Sea and the wildlife wonderland of South Georgia.

Or travel to the wilds of the Arctic. Travel up the Norwegian Coast to Spitsbergen; sail the icy waters to Greenland, and venture further north than ever before on a Franz Josef land adventure.

About the Greg Mortimer

Launching this year for the 2019/20 polar season, the Greg Mortimer is a 104-metre vessel, purpose-built for expedition travel. Built to world-class polar standards, the new ship has been designed in close consultation with expedition specialists and is capable of negotiating the strongest winds and waves.

The ship has been designed with plenty of dedicated observation spaces – ideal for keen bird spotters, wildlife watchers and those wanting to watch the passing scenery. From the indoor 180-degree lounge and outdoor 360-degree open deck, there are plenty of observation points to share around the ship. There are also two hydraulic viewing platforms, allowing you to photograph the wildlife, directly from above.
The Greg Mortimer takes on average 120 passengers to the Polar Regions. Cabins are all outward facing and lead-in prices are based on triple outward facing, Stateroom cabins. All staterooms have private bathrooms, ample storage, with twin and double-bed configuration options. The majority of staterooms onboard have floor to ceiling windows, with private balconies, allowing prime observation opportunities around the clock, whilst taking in the fresh sea air watching the world pass by.

Added on-board comforts include an on-board library, a Wellness Centre with a gym, sauna and spa and a multimedia room for keen photographers wishing to edit their photos after a day of exploration.

The ship has easy boarding access to Zodiacs, allowing you to get out on landings quickly and efficiently.  As a modern and custom-designed ship, this vessel is at the cutting edge of nautical technology and will ensure a comfortable and safe passage through polar waters.

Polar trips aboard the Greg Mortimer

Classic Antarctica - M/V Greg Mortimer

Argentina Polar Trip code GMAP
12 Days From NZ$18920 without flights

Realm of the Polar Bear In Depth - M/V Greg Mortimer

Arctic, Spitsbergen Polar Trip code GMSO
13 Days From NZ$10840 without flights
12 Days From NZ$23640 without flights
13 Days From NZ$20480 without flights

Arctic Complete - M/V Greg Mortimer

Greenland, Iceland, Spitsbergen Polar Trip code GMAC
23 Days Call us for prices

Arctic Discovery - M/V Greg Mortimer

Greenland, Norway, Spitsbergen Polar Trip code GMAD
21 Days Call us for prices

Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica - M/V Greg Mortimer

Falkland Islands, Argentina Polar Trip code GMFS
21 Days From NZ$34370 without flights

Iceland, Jan Mayen and Svalbard - M/V Greg Mortimer

Iceland, Arctic, Spitsbergen Polar Trip code GMIS
11 Days From NZ$10210 without flights

Iceland Circumnavigation - M/V Greg Mortimer

Iceland, Arctic Polar Trip code GMIC
11 Days From NZ$12110 without flights

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