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Food and Drink Tours

For many of us food and drink is a big part of what adventure travel is all about: you can experience so much of a country and its people by immersing yourself in its cuisine. At Explore we love searching out the best, authentic, everyday fare through eating at food-stalls, enjoying home cooking and trying out all the local and regional specialities.

Our Food and Drink Holidays are not high-brow: we generally avoid the top-end (more expensive) restaurants and take you instead to authentic, undiscovered places where you’ll sit shoulder to shoulder with local people and where the atmosphere is part of the experience.


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On these adventures we explore all aspects of gastronomy: our tour leaders and specialist guides will explain the traditions, origins and influences of the cuisine and show you how the food is grown, harvested and brought to market. They’ll also take you to off the beaten track places that only the locals know about, where you can enjoy sampling classic and less well-known specialities. From time to time we also roll up our sleeves and try our hand at cooking up a local treat.

Whether you’re seeing how spices are grown in India, jostling with locals at a market in Vietnam, sampling the freshest, most aromatic street food in Thailand, searching out the most authentic home cooking in Turkey, sampling the exquisite tapas of northern Spain or cooking up a fiery feast in Mexico, a food and drink adventure is an adventure for anyone who loves food and loves travel.

If you like your food and travel to be as innovative, authentic and adventurous as each other, why not join us on one of our food and drink holidays?  

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