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Bolivia Holidays & Tours

From the indigenous culture at the local Tarabuco market to the vast, pure white salt flats, Bolivia is a country that is packed full of surprises. Take a Bolivian group tour with Explore to experience the highlights and more.

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Popular Trips

12 Days

Highlights of Bolivia

Bolivia Discovery Trip code BA
From NZ$4910 without flights
14 Days

Machu Picchu and Titicaca

Bolivia, Peru Discovery Trip code PB
From NZ$3270 without flights
17 Days

Machu Picchu and Titicaca + Amazon Extension

Bolivia, Peru Discovery Trip code PBA
From NZ$4450 without flights
15 Days

Bolivia Photography Adventure

Bolivia Specialist Led Trip code BPH
From NZ$8500 without flights
18 Days

Atacama to Machu Picchu

Bolivia, Chile, Peru Discovery Trip code AX
From NZ$7370 without flights
22 Days

Rio to Lima Explorer

Bolivia, Brazil, Peru Discovery Trip code RLE
From NZ$7730 without flights

Bolivia’s strange curiosities are not confined to La Paz. Only a few hours north is Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world, which gave birth to the Inca empire. In the southwest of the country, near a train graveyard, is the Salar de Uyuni, the world’s highest and largest salt lake – 12,000 sq km of blinding white nothingness. South of the salt lake is a Salvador Dali landscape of deserts, volcanoes, bizarre rock formations, bubbling geysers, peculiar green plants and a blood-red lake filled with flamingos. East from here is a hollow silver mountain, dinosaur footprints, villages where annual festivities revolve around ritualized fights and national parks that are so isolated they’re almost impossible to get to.

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