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Tours to Argentina

Take a small group tour to Argentina where the tango-filled streets of Buenos Aires create an atmosphere like nowhere else. Try local dishes and trek in Patagonia's Torres Del Paine National Park. With the astonishing people, music and nature, it will be hard to leave.

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Discover our Argentina tours

From turquoise-blue lakes to mountainous panoramas, our Argentina small group tours will take you on a wild, once-in-a-lifetime trip through Patagonia and beyond the beaten track. 

For an Argentina Walking Holiday to remember, follow your local tour leader through the heart of Los Glaciares National Park with its colossal glaciers, to the jagged peaks of the mighty Fitz Roy Massif, and feel the ice crunch under your feet as you take on the Perito Moreno glacier.

Or for a cultural Discovery Tour of Argentina, get off the beaten track and travel through the northwest Andes region. Explore colourful mountains, barren salt plains and lunar landscapes, as well as savour the local wines and traditional delicacies such as empanadas, llama stew and, of course, Argentinian steak!

We're all seasoned travellers ourselves, and that experience underpins our responsible travel philosophy. Our trips to Argentina are carefully designed to benefit the local communities and environments we visit.

Our most popular Argentina tours

Buenos Aires to Rio

Argentina, Brazil Discovery Trip code QBR
14 Days From NZ$4820 without flights

Adventures in Patagonia

Argentina, Chile Discovery Trip code PA
Best seller
14 Days From NZ$5580 without flights

Trek Patagonia - Fitzroy and Torres del Paine

Argentina, Chile Walking and Trekking Trip code TPF
14 Days From NZ$7540 without flights

Adventures in Patagonia + Iguazu Extension

Argentina, Chile Discovery Trip code PAI
Best seller
17 Days From NZ$6830 without flights

Wine and landscapes of Argentina

Argentina Discovery Trip code NWA
13 Days From NZ$4730 without flights

Patagonia Solar Eclipse

Argentina, Chile Eclipse Trip code PAE
10 Days From NZ$5730 without flights
Tours to Argentina

Being in the Southern Hemisphere, Argentina's seasons are the complete opposite of the UK. Their summer season, from December to February, is the most popular time to visit Patagonia, which at other times of year can be bleak and inhospitable. The shoulder months of March-April and October-November are also good times to explore the southern part of the country, as fewer tourists visit the region at this time, but the weather is still largely sunny and warm.

As for the rest of the country, the northern reaches around Salta and Iguazu are hot during summer but still temperate during the winter months of June to August. Buenos Aires is the same, with largely mild winters and hot, sunny summers.

Argentina can be considered a year-round destination, with only the Patagonian wilds really inadvisable between May and September.

It's frankly impossible to take a trip to Argentina without getting into the impressive food scene. There is a lot here for vegetarians to enjoy, but most of the joy of what we may consider 'traditional' Argentinian cooking comes from the country's famous beef - succulent and simply cooked, it's a standout part of any holiday in Argentina.

Everywhere you go in the country, you'll be able to find a good 'parrilla' (traditional barbecue) which generally serve up almost every part of the cow at your discretion, from the different cuts of steak to intestines and even brains. Don't worry if you're feeling faint-hearted - just choose a juicy rib eye with a simple leafy salad and you can't go wrong.

Up in the north west of Argentina, the famous snacks of 'empanadas' are delicious, moreish mouthfuls of pastry, stuffed with a variety of meat, corn, cheese or chicken and baked to perfection. This is more of an Andean delicacy, and you can find empanadas cooked in a variety of ways throughout most of the Andean countries up to Colombia.

What most visitors to Argentina will definitely have on their radar is the range of wines cultivated in the local vineyards. Mendoza in particular is a wine-making hub and producer of the famous malbec. On Explore's Wines and Landscapes tour, you can taste the wines in multiple vineyards, around two different wine-making regions of Argentina.

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