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Croatia Holidays & Tours

Croatia is blessed with a myriad of striking natural scenery as well as diverse cultural heritage, thanks to its position between the Balkans, Central Europe and the Mediterranean Sea. Explore offer a wide range of holidays to Croatia from Coastal Walks to relaxing Dalmatian Island cruises and from adrenaline packed Family Adventures to leisurely self-guided cycling trips.

Croatia is an excellent choice for anyone wanting an active adventure holiday, with over 400 protected areas including 8 national parks. There are plenty of opportunities for hiking and Explore offers several Cycling Holidays in Croatia. The Dinaric Alps run through the heart of Croatia, climbing skyward with mist-swathed peaks and have an extensive system of gorges, canyons and caves. By contrast, the country’s rambling Adriatic coastline is home to warm turquoise waters and more than 1000 sun drenched islands, which can be experienced on an Explore Coastal Cruise.

Bordering Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia represents a cultural and geographic crossroads, making it ideal inclusion on a two week holiday to the Balkans such as Explore’s Journey through the Balkans.

Croatia’s historical ties with Central Europe have created an array of rambling cobble stoned towns, grand cathedrals and commanding hilltop fortresses. On a Cycling Adventure Holiday from Italy to Croatia along the Adriatic Sea you can see this from the style of its well-groomed parks, elegant townhouses, Renaissance palaces and bustling squares.

In 1918, Croatia joined Slovenia and Serbia to form what would later become Yugoslavia. After World War II, Yugoslavia was incorporated into the USSR and Croatia only regained its independence in 1991 after the fall of communism, but this then sparked a bitter four-year war with neighbouring Serbia. You can learn more about this fascinating history on Explore’s Former Yugoslavia Rail Adventure.

Today, Croatia is a peaceful place celebrated for its theatre, art, music, literature and cuisine. If you want to experience Croatia's highlights then you can travel on Explore’s Old Dubrovnik and Dalmatia holiday to experience the beautiful cities of Dubrovnik, Split and Trogir, as well as the tumbling waterfalls of the Plitvice National Park.

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Croatia Holidays & Tours

Discover the UNESCO Heritage Listed Old City of Dubrovnik

On several Explore holidays you can discover the beautiful Croatian city of Dubrovnik's old walled medieval centre, which was extensively damaged by shelling during the Siege of Dubrovnik in 1991-92. However, thanks to help from UNESCO World Heritage Dubrovnik has been wonderfully restored whilst still retaining its atmosphere and charm. George Bernard Shaw once wrote that ‘those who seek paradise on earth should come to Dubrovnik’.

On an Explore trip to Dubrovnik you may choose to get a view from above by taking the cable car to a nearby hilltop or by enjoying a walk around the city fortifications. Inside Dubrovnik's walls you’ll find a myriad of sand coloured ornate buildings, cobbled squares and pretty fountains. On an Explore tour you will have the chance to visit the Rector's Palace, Franciscan Monastery, Dominican Monastery and the cathedral. The Rector's Palace was built in the 14th century and was in use for this up until 1808 and has since been used as an armoury, watch house and prison. As well as the fantastic architecture it also now houses a museum on the Ragusan lifestyle. Other good museums that you might like to visit on your Explore holiday are the Maritime Museum in the Fort of Saint John and the Ethnographic Museum, which can be found in an old granary dating from the 16th century.

Experience the Natural Beauty of the Plitvice Lakes National Park

On a number of Explore holidays you can spend a day walking along the well-marked trails in the stunning Plitvice Lakes National Park. You follow the course of 16 crystal blue-green lakes on their dramatic and cascading descent over 92 travertine barriers and waterfalls. Over the millennia, the waters of these lakes have dissolved the limestone rock and carved out the valley in which they now lie and natural dams separate the lakes. This dynamic process still continues with new falls breaking through the travertine barriers and constantly changing the look of this iconic Croatian national park.

On a trip to Croatia with Explore you can follow a popular circuit leading you from the Upper Lakes, on a ferry across Lake Kozjak and then on a path that twists between the Lower Lakes. Every turn leads to new breathtaking scenery and yet another stunning waterfall.

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