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China Holidays & Tours

Cultural Adventure holidays to China with Explore

Travelling on an Explore adventure holiday to China offers a chance to explore a fascinating country that has been developing at an incredibly fast pace, from the class struggles of the days of Mao’s Cultural Revolution to today’s economic powerhouse.

Visit China's capital city, Beijing and you can spend your time standing in the iconic Tiananmen Square or wandering through the impressive Forbidden City complex, an UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can imagine the opulent lifestyle of the ancient emperors. In complete contrast, taking a walking tour with Explore through the hutongs - Beijing's narrow alleyways lined traditional low rise houses, gives you a chance to see Chinese family life. Time in Beijing wouldn't be complete without trying a Peking duck banquet, this tasty dish can be found throughout the city.

On an Explore holiday to China you'll get out of the city as well, taking a short drive out to the famous Great Wall of China. The incredible structure was originally built to protect China from invaders but these days makes a fantastic setting for a day of gentle walking or if you fancy an active adventure you can take a ten day walking holiday on the Great Wall.

China's network of high speed trains means that it's easy to cover large distances and on a ten day holiday it's possible to see the highlights of China. If you have the luxury of more time then spending time with the giant pandas in Chendgu is a must for wildlife lovers. These gentle giants have struggled to survive in the wild but the Panda Research Centre focuses on breeding programs with great success. Visiting Chengdu in August and September gives you a chance to see the new born pandas starting to explore their surroundings.

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China Holidays & Tours
If you venture off the main tourist trail in China and visit the minority regions of the south you will be rewarded with fascinating ancient cultures, welcoming locals and the chance to experience unique annual Festivals.

Travelling in China with an Explore Leader introduces you to local people and ensures that the language barrier doesn't prevent you getting involved with their celebrations. You can have a go at making your own dragon and dance with the locals at a New Year celebration. On Explore's 14 day holiday exploring Yunnan you can taste the local delicacies at Weishan's food festival or travel to Sanyuesan and learn about the culture of the Dong minority tribes at the Sisters Rice Festival; a unique festival where females of the village prepare rice dishes to show their affections to the males.

If you want to travel to China in the winter then it's worth joining an Explore adventure to Harbin. Located in the north, close to the border with Russia, this city plays host to a month long festival of snow and ice each January. Life size buildings are carved from ice and filled with colourful lights, the Songhua River freezes over and it turned in to a gathering place with horse drawn carriages offering scenic rides. Temperatures can drop to minus 30 degrees centigrade but the sky is usually bright blue and plenty of clothing layers plus stops for hot tea mean the weather isn't an issue.

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