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Seychelles Holidays & Tours

This archipelago in the Indian Ocean is famous for its sandy beaches, tropical climate and clear waters, but there is much, much more on offer besides the paradisiacal conditions. 

Focusing on the inner “granite” islands, we spend our time ferrying between Mahé, Praslin and La Digue – all distinctive in their own right. Mahe’s Victoria is one of the World’s smallest capital cities, more like a town, and is a celebration of Creole culture. There are also opportunities to visit some of the marine parks and snorkel in the beautiful, calm waters.

On Praslin Island we’ll visit the Vallee de Mai, one of Seychelles’ two World Heritage Sites. The famous coco de mer palm is endemic to this ancient rainforest and some of the Earth’s rarest birds can be found here. With a chance to explore Cousin Island Special Nature Reserve, this will be a haven for bird lovers and nature enthusiasts alike.

La Digue is a sleepy island really the essence of tranquil seclusion. Here your time is largely your own but one highlight not to be missed is a visit to the L’Union Estate working coconut plantation.

With a mixture of local transportation and activities, taking an adventure holiday in the Seychelles will be an educating and rewarding experience – and there’s still plenty of time built into the itineraries to kick back and relax and enjoy those glorious beaches.


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