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Moroccan food: 5 dishes (and drinks) to try in Morocco

The best Moroccan food can be found in its homeland, in the markets of Marrakesh and from the traditional recipes made by the local Berber people. Here are our 5 must-try authentic Moroccan foods to try in Morocco.


1. Tanjia

This dish is local to Marrakech, so can be found in the markets there. To make it, meat is slow-cooked for up to 12 hours in a tanjia pot - a tall jug-shaped clay pot. Beef is most commonly used but if you get the chance, we recommend lamb as it is delicious! Added spices and herbs such as saffron and turmeric give the dish a rich flavour alongside the tender meat.

2. Chicken pastilla (or bastilla)

Chicken, almonds and spices like saffron and turmeric are stuffed into flaky filo pastry for this dish, making a sort of pie or pasty. Most commonly found in Fes, it often has sweet notes from cinnamon and a dusting of icing sugar. This combination of savoury and sweet results in a taste sensation not to be missed when you visit Morocco.

3. Tagine

Not to be confused with a tanjia, this dish is made in a wide, covered clay pot. Whilst it’s also slow-cooked meat, this dish traditionally includes preserved fruits like prunes, lemon and olives. This dish is amongst the most common so you’ll probably try a lot of different variations on your Morocco trip. The most authentic and traditional tagines are cooked by the local Berber people, who we meet on many of our Morocco tours. You can even learn how to cook it on our Family Atlas Adventure.

4. Freshly caught fish

Visit the port town of Essaouira and you’ll find a bustling fish market, known for the best seafood street food in Morocco. It’s right next to the sea and if you go in the morning you’ll see the fishermen bringing in their catch. At the market you can get freshly-caught seafood and the stall-owner will grill it for you over charcoal. Whole fish, tiger prawns, sardines, lobster and sea urchins are just a few items on the menu. It’s not only delicious and fresh, but it’s also cheap compared to visiting a restaurant.

5. Mint tea

Moroccan cuisine isn’t just about the food. Visit Morocco and you’ll likely drink a lot of mint tea! This is green tea steeped with fresh mint leaves and usually has added sugar to make it really sweet, served in a glass. Offering mint tea as a welcoming gesture is a part of Moroccan culture so you’ll be offered it a lot, whether you’re sitting to negotiate prices in the souk or meeting Berber people in the mountains. 


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