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Highlights of walking in Corsica and Sardinia

Nestling in the warm waters of the Mediterranean, a mere 10 miles apart, the islands of Corsica and Sardinia are blessed with beautiful beaches, sunshine and numerous trekking options.

Their geology is virtually identical; both featuring craggy mountains which have long been a lure for walkers & trekkers.

With such similarities, choosing between Corsica and Sardinia can be a tough call. One deciding factor might be nationality. Corsica - the more northerly of the two islands - is French, whilst the more southerly Sardinia is Italian. So if you prefer pizza, pasta and Pino Grigio to Coq au Vin, Crème Brulee and Cabernet Sauvignon then Sardinia might be the one for you. That said, both islands offer a mouth-watering range of locally produced goodies including wine from the islands’ vineyards.

If size is a factor, Sardinia is the Mediterranean’s second biggest island while Corsica ranks fourth. However neither island is densely populated so you can expect a relaxed atmosphere on either. Both have a large network of walking trails so paths never feel crowded, even on the more popular routes. 

In terms of difficulty, the steep rocky terrain provides a physical challenge but without the complexities of any serious altitude. Coastal paths are a little easier on the legs and offer endless views of cliffs plunging down to the turquoise water below.

Corsica – the GR20 (CVM)

Serious trekkers will relish the testing terrain of the GR20 – the toughest long-distance route in Europe. Walking for an average of seven hours a day for 13 days and traversing some of the island’s highest cols, trekkers are rewarded with endless views across the rugged landscape.
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Corsican Villages (TCB)

Staying in a comfortable hotel in the historic town of Corte, four day walks and two sightseeing days enable you to enjoy the island’s rugged interior. A walk through the magnificent Gorge du Tavignao is a particular highlight. There is also the option to take the train to Calvi, a pretty town on the north-west coast.
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Walking in Sardinia (SAW)

The small coastal town of Orosei provides a picturesque base from which to enjoy walks along Sardinia’s beautiful coast and into the mountains. A free day mid-week gives you the chance to relax on the beach or explore the island’s impressive Bronze Age archaeological sites.
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