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Wanderlust in West Africa

We are proud to boast a variety of trips to West Africa, including Senegal, The Gambia, Ghana, Sao Tome and Benin. For many, West Africa is the beating heart of Africa, a region steeped in ancient traditions, which remain part of daily life. Much less visited than the east of the continent, for the adventurous traveller West Africa offers rich rewards. From its golden beaches, where slave forts remind us of the colonial past, through dense rainforest which remain home to amazing bird life to  the tribal lands there is a rawness and energy about West Africa that just has to be experienced. 


West Africa is home to a surprising amount of wildlife. Elephants roam freely in Ghana and can be seen on a walking safari during our Kingdom of the Ashanti trip. Turtles lay eggs on the shores of Sao Tome and the constant chatter of monkeys rule the rainforest. For keen bird watchers this area is a gold mine. Our Senegal and Gambia trip is perfect for spotting rare and exotic birdlife, including white-breasted cormorants, spoonbills, jacanas, Egyptian geese, West African fish eagles and flamingos.

The turbulent and modern colonial history of West Africa clashes with wondrous tradition imbedded deep in the tribal lives of the people and it makes for a visual, sound and taste sensation.  Many areas remain relatively untouched by tourism, especially in comparison to Africa’s Eastern and Southern regions, and life goes on as it has for many centuries in many of the traditional small villages. The people are warm, friendly and are proud to share their traditions with visitors. You can discover voodoo temples, masked dancers, nomads of the desert and the beating music that runs through the veins of the people.

Is West Africa for me?
The infrastructure in West Africa can vary. Gambia and Senegal have been on the tourist circuit for some time now, and are used to western visitors and have facilities to match whereas other countries are little visited. It’s fair to say that in general travel through West Africa may not be ideal for everyone. The very reasons that some travellers won’t want to visit the region such as limited and ‘characterful’ accommodation or winding, potholed roads which add to the sense of journey are the very reasons that others want to travel through here. If you have the curiosity to experience alternative West Africa, then our trips will give you an experience you’ll never forget!

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